Resolution Revolution
I'm Chelseajoy, I like making people laugh!
This is a HEALTHY weight loss blog.
I'm transitioning into a plant strong vegan

Resolution: the act of resolving or
determining upon an action or course of
action, method, procedure.
Revolution: a sudden, or marked
change in something.

5'8'' HW: 262 CW: 189 GW: 150

I run a lot of obstacle 5k/10ks and I'm
working up to Tough Mudder. Follow the
"Chelseajoy's Races" link to check out
some of the pictures and reviews.

I also like running, swimming, kayaking,
hiking, biking, and rock climbing.
Making exercising fun is the best!!

About to go fill this bad boy up with local, sustainable, and organic fruits and veggies!! #DecaturFarmersMarket






Thick everything. Thick thighs, thick eyebrows, thick lips. Thick maple syrup on my pancakes, thick everything.

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I’ll tell you the most believable thing about [Orange Is The New Black] is the idea that Piper only got 15 months for running dope money…I’m a white blonde girl who went out and willfully fucked up and committed armed robbery, and I got five years. There were tons of black girls in my prison who were holding onto a bag of dope for a couple of days, and they always seemed to get, like, 10 years. If you ever find yourself in prison and wonder why there’s tension between white and black, shit like that is probably one of the reasons.




We spoke to Michael Thot, who wound up on the 2007 show Kid Nation, CBS’s attempt to stage their own Lord of the Flies. Turns out it was as scripted as that book.
5 Behind-the-Scenes Details They Cut From My Reality TV Show

#4. You Find Yourself Playing a “Character”
For example, I had my “defining moment” in the first episode, when I dramatically stood up and made a speech to try to calm some big argument. Maybe this sounds cynical, but part of my motivation for speaking up was “It makes sense for my character to speak out now.” So I stood up and did my speech, and the associate producers lavished praise upon me. This is what most people don’t understand about reality shows, when they talk about them being “fake” or scripted — they don’t have to script it. We’re on camera, we’re doing a TV show — even children know to self-censor and come up with their own bits to make themselves more interesting.

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haha his last name is thot

This show was fucked up. Glad this kid seems to have a sense of humor about it all.





Back to basics with food tomorrow

Breakfast- yogurt topped with strawberries and the organic blueberries I got from the Decatur Farmers Market

Lunch - black eyed pea stew (onions, bell peppers, spices), rice, collards.

Snacks - strawberries, peaches, carrots, celery, hummus.

Dinner will probably be a repeat of lunch because its now two hours past bed time and work/gym is gonna be a struggle tomorrow.