Resolution Revolution
I'm Chelseajoy, I like making people laugh!
This is a HEALTHY weight loss blog.
I'm transitioning into a plant strong vegan

Resolution: the act of resolving or
determining upon an action or course of
action, method, procedure.
Revolution: a sudden, or marked
change in something.

5'8'' HW: 262 CW: 189 GW: 150

I run a lot of obstacle 5k/10ks and I'm
working up to Tough Mudder. Follow the
"Chelseajoy's Races" link to check out
some of the pictures and reviews.

I also like running, swimming, kayaking,
hiking, biking, and rock climbing.
Making exercising fun is the best!!

Today’s workout. 44 minutes and 10 seconds. My running is off its game. Told my trainer I’m getting this under 40 next time. Farmer’s carry included carrying these up about 20 steps and down a hallway.

Gabe made them “crate buddies” for a few minutes. The cat actually loves going in Freddie’s crate by herself.
#freddiespam #peeweespam #freddieandpeeweespam

Someone wanted to snuggle. #freddiespam #doggysnuggles

Got my purple #nalgene to keep me hydrated.

Just ordered the feather necklace. Can’t wait to get it! Didn’t want to risk it selling out at the stores. @shopdressup #shopdressup #jewelryobsessed

Gabe loves teasing Freddie. #freddiespam

Doggy and Sons of Anarchy,
Perfect lazy Sunday. #SonsOfAnarchy #freddiespam #LazySunday

Crushed a good hour workout.

Lon hair don’t care. #TwoWeeksAgo

Tried to save a mean old turtle. Alexa basically called Gabe and Tyler bitches for not just picking him up @tyleralderman2 @incaman1352 @ajfuquay

#NeonVibe #Finish

These two guys :) #freddiespam

Did half my workout in a 20lb weighted vest.

About to go fill this bad boy up with local, sustainable, and organic fruits and veggies!! #DecaturFarmersMarket