Resolution Revolution
I'm Chelseajoy, I like making people laugh!
This is a HEALTHY weight loss blog.
I'm transitioning into a plant strong vegan

Resolution: the act of resolving or
determining upon an action or course of
action, method, procedure.
Revolution: a sudden, or marked
change in something.

5'8'' HW: 262 CW: 189 GW: 150

I run a lot of obstacle 5k/10ks and I'm
working up to Tough Mudder. Follow the
"Chelseajoy's Races" link to check out
some of the pictures and reviews.

I also like running, swimming, kayaking,
hiking, biking, and rock climbing.
Making exercising fun is the best!!
Date Paste!

Found a post about using Date Paste to sweeten food. Basically you can sub it anywhere you would use a liquid sweetener (agave, honey, etc). All it is dates and water. Definitely going to give this a try!!

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